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Music 1 User manual

Setting up Dynaudio Music

With your Dynaudio Music speaker connected to your Wi-Fi network and any other desired sources it is ready for use.

In addition to enabling Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection and access to your streaming services and favourite music, the Dynaudio Music App provides a variety of speaker setup options. These will enable you to fine-tune the performance of your Dynaudio Music speaker and to select presets.

Although it is not necessary to modify any default settings in order to begin enjoying your speaker, doing so will enable you to get the most from it. The Dynaudio Music App setup functions include the following:


Provides intelligent volume control that automatically adjusts your speaker’s dynamic range over multiple frequency bands to compensate for variations in ambient noise level and to enhance clarity.


Provides intelligent compensation for the influence of position on the sound of your speaker. Your Dynaudio Music speaker will adapt its sound to suit its location in the room.

Sound Presets

Provides optional sound presets designed for music, speech and movie programme material.

Bass and Treble

Enables adjustment of bass and treble levels to provide overall control of speaker tonal balance.

iRadio Browsing

Enables iRadio stations to be browsed and favourites saved as presets.

Favourite Presets

Your Music speaker can store five favourite items; iRadio stations or streaming playlists for example, for quick access. On Music 5 and Music 7 the favourite items can be assigned by the app to one of the on-body Preset buttons.


Enables multiple Dynaudio Music speakers to be grouped to provide multi-room audio.

Stereo Pair

Enables two Dynaudio Music speakers to be stereo linked to provide a wider stereo image than can be achieved from a single unit. One Dynaudio Music speaker is assigned to the left channel and one is assigned to the right channel.


If two Dynaudio Music speakers are operating as part of a stereo pair the balance function enables their relative volume to be adjusted.

Speaker Settings

Enables indicator brightness to be adjusted and auto standby to be selected.

Firmware Update

Dynaudio Music speakers are subject to continual development and refinement. Use the firmware update routine to ensure that your speaker has all the latest features.