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Пресса о Dynaudio

  • Special Forty
    Front of Special Forty in grey
    • 01 Review


    Special Forty Серия

    Front of Special Forty in grey
    Special Forty
  • Emit
    Emit family


    Emit Серия

    Front of Emit M30 in black satin
    Emit M10 in Black Satin

    The Emit M10: an insanely great speaker

    In a New York City Hi-Fi Shop, Steve Guttenberg heard something he really liked: an insanely great speaker for tiny rooms.

    Steve has owned and auditioned many Dynaudio speakers, but he still wasn't quite expecting the level of sound reproduction from the Emit M10s:
  • Sub
    Half profile of Sub 6 in white


    Sub Серия

    Sub 250 II in Walnut Satin
    250 II

    Sub 250, STEREO 2008, Germany

    „The most honest subwoofer in this group test – more than just pumping out low frequencies”
  • Accessories
    Stand 6 family


    Accessories Серия

    Stand 6 in black
    Stand 6
  • Excite
    Excite family with Sub in Walnut Satin


    Excite Серия

    Excite X38 in Rosewood Dark Satin

    Excite series,, November 2014

    “The original Excites were great speakers but the revised models are audibly superior in terms of neutrality, resolution of detail, imaging, soundstaging, and dynamics. The Excite X38s, X14s, and X24 made for an absolutely fantastic system.”

    Excite X38, Hi-Files Magazine, September 2014, Serbia

    ”The latest Excite truly offers many improvements and is seriously close to Focus series. Top music reproduction. Plenty of good bass.” Awarded with the ”Hi-Five Award”
    Excite X14 in white satin on the stand

    Excite X14, hifi & records 2013

    „Dynaudio’s new Excite series makes an amplifier’s life a lot easier.“

    Excite X14, What Hi-Fi? 2013

    “The new Excite series leaves an impression of real high quality”

    Excite X14, hifi & records 2013

    „Just listen to Johnny Cash or Leonard Cohen with the new Excite – it really gets under your skin.“
  • Installation
    Installation products


    Installation Серия

    Front of IP24

    IP 24, Heimkino 2004, Germany

    „Excellent driver quality, outstanding sound quality.“

    IP 24, Heimkino 2004, Germany

    "It impresses with a sound stage one would never expect from an in-wall speaker."

    Philipp Schäfer
  • Evidence
    Evidence group


    Evidence Серия

    Evidence Platinum in Black Piano Lacquer
    Evidence Platinum

    Evidence Platinum, TONE Audio

    "With so much capability, the Dynaudio Evidence Platinums should be your last speaker purchase."

    Evidence Platinum, Audiotechnique 2013

    “…Wow! The sound had never been so true and the 3D sound stage had never been so vivid!"

    Lincoln Cheng

    Evidence Platinum, image hifi 2013

    “…a loudspeaker so overwhelming like I've never experienced before.": Editor-in-chief and high-end-audio enthusiast Uwe Kirbach reviewed the Evidence Platinum in image hifi 2/2013”

    SoundStage! HiFi

    “…the Dynaudio Evidence Platinums sounded completely wonderful. Just as I’d hoped they eventually would, the speakers gave me a magical listening experience.”

    Sven Bilé


    „Regardless of your wallet's comfort level, I recommend strongly that you audition the Dynaudio Evidences when shopping for speakers. Their fit'n'finish must be seen, and their big, tall soundstage has to be heard to appreciate how high a flagship speaker's reach for the stars can be. Of course, if your Internet company has just gone public and you simply must own a flagship speaker, look no further than the Evidence.
    Dynaudio’s Evidence: The world’s best speaker?”

    Larry Greenhill
  • Confidence
    Confidence Platinum group


    Confidence Серия

    Confidence C4 Platinum in Mocca High Gloss
    C4 Platinum
    Confidence C1 Platinum in Mocca High Gloss
    C1 Platinum

    Confidence C1, Stereophile 11/07

    „The Confidence C1 delivers world-class performance in a real-world package. If you value openness and tonal clarity, the C1 is a contender. It will mate with small to midsize rooms in ways that larger speakers simply can't (yes, you can have too much loudspeaker), and it won't be overwhelmed by large spaces.”

    Wes Phillips
  • Consequence
    Front of Consequence UE in Wengé Satin


    Consequence Серия

    Front of Consequence UE in Rosewood Satin
    Consequence Ultimate Edition