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января 01, 2014


The concept of the Volkswagen T6 Bus

Volkswagen concept Tristar shows direction of Dynaudio in Volkswagen T6 Bus.

In Hannover, Germany the IAA for Commercial Vehicles is taking place these days. Volkswagen is showing the concept Tristar on its booth and gives us a first glimpse of what Dynaudio sound could be in the next generation of Volkswagen Multivan.

The Multivan is currently the only car of the Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge fleet that offers Dynaudio premium sound. The current model is available with the Dynaudio Confidence Sound System featuring 10 loudspeakers and a 600 watts 10 channel digital amplifier.

In the next generation of this most successful van worldwide, Volkswagen will upgrade the sound system. The concept Tristar shows a 7 speaker system combined with a 700 watts amplifier.

As the concept car is a double cabin it can only indicate what the next generation of multivan will offer. Most likely is a 12 speaker system (comparable with the new Passat Confidence system). The new center speaker in the Passat is also visible in the Tristar.

We expect more details to see in Geneva in 2015.

VW orange Tristar
Inside of VW orange Tristar