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Car audio history

The fastest concert hall in the world

In 1994 Dynaudio was approached by Volvo, who wanted to know, if we believed it would be possible to develop a High End Sound System for the upcoming V70 Coupé. At the time, no one had brought a high quality or even a branded Hi-Fi system to market in the automotive segment, but Volvo was determined to offer the best sound system available. In January 1997 the new Volvo V70 Coupé was presented at the Detroit Motor Show. Among many innovative features was the first High End Sound System in a production car, developed by Dynaudio.

In 2001 Dynaudio started to work with Volkswagen, to develop a new generation of High End and Premium Sound Systems for their model range. The first Volkswagen with a Dynaudio Sound System was presented three years later in 2004, and today most of the model range is available with a Premium Sound System from Dynaudio in most markets — even as far away as China, where Volkswagen offers Dynaudio Premium Sound Systems with great success.

So why do car manufacturers like Volvo and Volkswagen work with a small Danish specialist, you might ask? Well, part of the explanation might be our philosophy. We do one thing, and one thing only. We develop and produce drivers for some of the world’s most renowned High End loudspeakers, like the award-winning Evidence Series that became an instant benchmark, when it was introduced in 2000, and gives us a unique level of competence in acoustics and speaker technology. To achieve this means pushing the envelope and finding new solutions, like we did, when creating the sound system for the fastest supercar in the world.

To create a High End Sound System for a luxury car was no easy task. The space available for the drivers in our loudspeakers was restricted, and instead of placing them in the ideal position, in front of the listener, they were scattered around the interior. Then there were the challenges regarding noise, vibration, extreme variations in temperature and moisture. When creating a High End Sound System for the world’s fastest supercar, the Bugatti Veyron, you multiply these factors by ten.

The solution became to do more with less; for instance, the Puccini Sound System in the Bugatti Veyron has just four loudspeaker drivers. Each one meticulously engineered and tuned to create the pure sound that has always been a hallmark of Dynaudio, creating a truly magical experience, no matter what music you enjoy. With a top speed above 400 km/h, we like to think of the Bugatti Veyron as the fastest concert hall in the world…